Tax Preparation

All annual tax filing includes federal and 1 state. Additional states and any local taxes are separate.

  • Individual Taxes – $275+
  • Joint Filing – $465+
  • 1099 Independent Contractors – $475+
  • City/County/Local Taxes – $175

These are starting prices. The price increases based on the deductions and tax forms you have. Final price will be determined during your tax consultation.

How does it work:

  1. Fill out the form by clicking the button below
  2. Schedule your consultation to meet with a tax accountant and see what items are needed to begin the process
  3. Sign up for your client portal on TaxDome
  4. Submit all required documentation and deposit
  5. Tax preparation will get completed
  6. You will meet to go over your tax return in full
  7. Final payment is due
  8. Tax return is submitted to the IRS, State (s), and Local City

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