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Fulton’s accounting is a unique, luxury boutique accounting firm specializing in accounting & financial services for business owners.

Founded in 2017, Fulton’s Accounting Services saw a need for an accounting firm to help small business owners. Fulton’s Accounting Services has the experience and expertise to provide the area’s most comprehensive accounting, tax, and financial management services. We are a Philadelphia-based accounting firm helping entrepreneurs in all 50 sates, become financially aware of their business finances.



The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty

Brandi Fulton



Brandi (or B) was born and raised in Philadelphia. Brandi is a mother and wife and a full-time entrepreneur. Brandi started doing taxes as a hobby in 2012 as an undergrad at Temple University. In 2017, she decided to open my own accounting firm because she saw the lack of financial education to individuals and business owners. She began offering bookkeeping services and preparing taxes for small businesses. Brandi decided to leave her corporate job in 2021 and run her business full-time.  Since then, she has gained clients in 30+ states, hired a team of experienced accountants and bookkeepers to help the growth of her firm. Brandi loves helping others. Unfortunately, finances aren’t taught in school, one of the biggest things you need to survive. Brandi’s goal is to help individuals and businesses have the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills and be confident when speaking about their business finances.

Mompreneur (Mother & Entrepreneur)

I have a handsome toddler son, who is my entire heart. If I’m not with my son I’m working. Or just working with my son.

Community Goals

I plan to open a nonprofit in my community (Philly) to teach children financial education


I take pride in knowing that all of my clients are able to use the tools and skillsets that I teach them during our sessions.

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